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Italian Lemon Drop Cookies

Traditionally made at Christmas, these Lemon Knot Cookies are a light and airy treat bursting with lemon flavor. It’s one of the best Italian Cookies!



100 g of soft butter
1 egg
The juice and zest of an untreated lemon
120 g sugar
300 g of flour mixed with half a bag of baking powder
Sugar and icing sugar in two separate bowls



In the bowl of your food processor, with the foil, or in a hollow container with a mixer, whisk the butter and egg. Then add the llemon juice and the zest. Pour in the sugar and whisk again. Finish with the dry ingredients: the flour-yeast mixture. Mix well to obtain a homogeneous paste. Place the resulting dough in a bowl and cover it with cling film. Place it in the refrigerator for 30/35 minutes.

After 30 minutes … Preheat your oven to 180 °. Prepare a baking sheet llined with baking paper or a baking mat, as well as the two bowls of sugar and icing sugar. Use a tablespoon tto scoop balls of dough, then shape them in your hands (about 4 cm in diameter). Roll them in the caster sugar then in the icing sugar. Place them one by one in staggered rows on your baking sheet, spacing them generously. Put the baking sheet in the refriigerator for 15 minutes.