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Grandma’s Pie Crust Recipe!!!


An absolute cinch to prepare! The combination of ingredients makes the the best pie ever that crust will flaky to the last slice !! Definitely a winner !!



– Pastry flour: 3 C.

– Shortening: 1/2 C.

– Cold butter: 1/2 C.

– Ice-cold water: 1/2 C.

– White vinegar: 1 TBSP.

– Salt: 1 TSP.



STEP 1 :

First of all, sift the flour with salt in a wide tub. You can the split the shortening and the butter, just until coarse crumbs resemble the mixture.


STEP 2 :

Pick a cup and mix in together the water and vinegar. Immediately add the vinegar mixture to the crumbs and mix together until the dough is packed together and manages well.


STEP 3 :

Make sure to spread the flour on the counter before rolling out the dough. And please divide it into two chunks of dough.


STEP 4 :

You should roll one piece out on a floured board. You’ll want to roll about 1/2 an inch bigger than the pie pan with the dough. Okay now, lay the crust in the pie plate, pressing down gently on the bottom and sides of the plate.


STEP 5 :

If you make just a bottom crust, you may want to turn the edge under and use the “flute” thumbs on the sides of the dough.


STEP 6 :

You can fill the pie, roll out the other half of the dough, and lay it on top of the filling if a double-crusted pie is made. Always remember to fold the top dough under the bottom dough and seal it together by using your fingers.


STEP 7 :

Bake time depends on your pie recipe directions.



This recipe is enough for a double-crusted pastry.