From My Kitchen To Yours


Last week Cuisinart sent me their Breakfast Central. It is a waffle/omelette maker. I am in the process of preparing a review of the product and in doing so, I am trying it out making many different things. My family was excited to have waffles, as we often buy the frozen ones. These would undoubtedly be way better, but the problem was that we had no yeast and the recipes in the cookbook, called for it. Instead, I decided to try making waffles with cake mix. I always have a few boxes downstairs, so it was easy to whip these up. I was amazed at both how easy they were to make and how awesome they tasted. The kids said that they were more ‘fun’ than just cake. I liked the crispy outside. Having a scoop of ice cream on the waffle while it is still warm is an essential part of this whole experience as well!


You Need:

Any boxed cake mix you’d like

(Red Velvet, Devil’s Food, Strawberry, Chocolate, etc.)



Follow directions on the cake box to make the mix and simply make your waffles with a waffle maker instead of baking a cake in the oven!

The add your own toppings

fresh fruit

ice cream




fudge, caramel or strawberry drizzle